If you want to use Siren in your game without me, all I ask is that you record a summary of what happened in the Adventure Log.

Siren is bored. Period. There's no other way to describe her. Nothing thrills her anymore. Colours seem faded, tastes are bland, and sex… Well, sex was never all that fun anyways. But… One thing makes everything just a little better. Her psychic powers. The amount of control and the rush of endorphins she feels when finding the little secrets of the world and twisting the minds of the unsuspecting… It's orgasmic. And with the help of a little help, funding and her own research, she's been able to develop a drug to enhance this rush, and make her become anyone she wants to be! What more could she ask for? Oh, this little arrangement with that crackpot Faustus is something she'd never give up. And hey, it pays the bills too!

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