Sleep Walking

Basic Information

Room Name: [EC] Sleep Walking
Game Master: RileaSW (God)
Limitations: Only one person may actively play unless other characters are capable of entering their dreams through mind reading, dream travel, or similar powers. Other character may try to wake a sleeping character however.
Location: Dream World/Character Home
Time: Night or when a character is unconscious.


Sleep Walking is a story arc revolving around the character Dream. The current goal of the game is to introduce her to a large number of PCs so she has reason to follow them, but will be expanded to ask — and answer — questions about her existence.

Current Events

While flitting about the city in her usual way, Dream came across Alexander in a state of unconsciousness. Being the curious being she is, she decided to enter his dreams and see what he was thinking. It was filled with sad memories, but through determination — and a little fibbing — Dream managed to convince Alex that he is stronger then he thinks.

One another of her journey's, Dream came across Galaxi's sleeping form. Ever curious, she entered the dream world to find a younger Galaxi and her first lover, Cosmekala. Dream didn't like how the dream was playing, so she attempted to change it, but Galaxi unconsciously resisted. Feeling as though she were being ignore, Dream tried confronting Galaxi personally, only to once again be ignored. Instead of taking it, she removed Cosmekala from the dream and got Galaxi chasing her. Leading to a sequence where Galaxi was a pack of wolves chasing a white deer. When the deer was cornered, Galaxi attacked. Galaxi found herself standing over Cosmekala's broken and bloody body, long dead. A knife was in Galaxi's hand, and she was covered in blood. She was shown fake memories of chasing down Cosmekala, beating and murdering her. Galaxi tried enforcing her memories, but Dream took these memories and twisted them against her. The dream ended with Galaxi never knowing Dream's reasons for doing such a thing.

Game Logs

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Game Time: 1 hour. (+0.5 PP GM awards)

Game Time: 1 hour. (+0.5 PP GM awards)
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