13 PP Left

Name: James Shanks
Alias:Stalker (Werewolf)
Age: 19
Height: 6''0
Weight: 192 Pounds
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair: Medium Length, unkempt

(36 PP) Statistics
Str 16 [+0 mod]
Dex 16 [+1 mod]
Con 24 [+0 mod]
Int 12 [+1 mod]
Wis 18 [+3 mod]
Cha 12 [+1 mod]

+8 Attack
+8 Defense

Toughness 7
Fort 7
Reflex 3
Will 3

(22 PP) Skills
Acrobatics 4 Ranks (Dex)
Climb 4 Ranks (Str)
Gather Information 1 Rank
Concentration 4 Ranks (Wis)
Intimidate 4 Ranks (Cha)
Notice 12 Ranks (Wis)
Search 12 Ranks (Int)
Sense Motive 8 Ranks (Wis)
Stealth 8 Ranks (Dex)
Sleight of Hand 12 Ranks (Dex)
Survival 12 Ranks (Wis)
Swim 4 Ranks (Str)

( 18 PP) Feats
Equipment x3
All-out Attack
Blind Fight
Improved Grapple
Improved Throw
Improved Pin
Elusive Target
Moveby Action
Improved Init (+4 Per Rank to Init) Rank 3
Takedown Attack *
Instant Up
Skill Mastery (Search,Notice,Survival,Stealth)
Skill Mastery 2 (Sleight of Hand,Sense Motive,Intimidate,Concentration)

(19 PP) Powers

Regeneration 3 Ranks (3 pp)
Recovery Rate x3
Super Senses (Rank 8)
Smell (Accurate ) 4 ranks
Extended 1 Rank (Smelll)
Radius (1 Rank) - Scent
Acute - 1 Rank Scent
Scent-1 rank Identify individuals

Alternate Form — Rank 8 (40 Points)
Super Movement Rank 2 - 4 PP (Wall Crawling)
Regeneration Rank 3 (2 Feats)
1x Recovery Rate
2x Ability Recover
Power Feat: Regrowth, Persistant
Strike — Rank 3 (Mighty) 11 PP
Speed 3 Ranks (50 MPH)
Leaping 3 Ranks (50 feet)
Enhanced Ability (x6) Dex
Enhanced Ability (x4) Wis
Enhanced Ability (x2) Str

(3 PP) Drawbacks
(3) Vulnerable: Silver damage [Moderate]

Motorcycle - 9 EP
Cell Phone 1 EP
Mini Tracer 1 EP
Binoculars 1 EP

Description: A young man walks from the shadows with a long duster brown trenchcoat with rips and tears all over it, caping over his muscular form. He possesses shoulder length hair which hangs wild and unkempy. Easily bored at times without much to gather his focused attention — sometimes resulting in him breaking something or starting a fight with someone bigger than him.

After his parents were murdered by the russian mob, he escaped into the wilderness for two years, losing any hope of graduating or getting a GED, returning to civilization to try to find himself once again. Once he was in the wilderness he was bitten by a wolf and become a were!

13 PP Left

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