The first thing you must know about Steh-FHAN is that Steh-FHAN is fabulous. This is truth, and you will not question it. DO NOT QUESTION THE FABULOUS! There, now that Steh-FHAN has educated you on the fabulousness of the Steh-FHAN, you may know more about Steh-FHAN. Steh-FHAN is a master. A genius. Nay, Steh-FHAN is a god. A god of fashion. Steh-FHAN knows all when it comes to the fashion. Steh-FAHN has twelve senses! Five are fashion! You will not doubt Steh-FHAN about fashion. This is important.

More important, you will know Steh-FHAN is only ever pronounced as Steh-FHAN. Ever. To do otherwise is foolish, for Steh-FHAN knows all. Steh-FHAN knows when you speak of him, and to insult him will incur his wrath. His wrath, so terrible… Your clothes, your hideous, ugly clothes not worthy of Steh-FHAN's eyes… They will be gone! Or worse, replaced with something even less flattering! Ugh! Hideous, filthy, filthy!

But all is not lost, for Steh-FHAN is also kind and merciful. Those that would come to Steh-FHAN for aid, if they are worthy, will have their hideous, filthy, filthy clothes replaced by fabulous fashion! Yes! Steh-FHAN will give you the fabulous! …But not for free, of course. No, Steh-FHAN must be paid for his genius! The genius of Steh-FHAN is beyond the petty mortal sums of money normally, but sometimes, favours… Or if you are lucky, and Steh-FHAN has been shown you by a friend of Steh-FHAN, he can take cash, and a reasonable sum.

But enough of Steh-FHAN, you are hideous! You need to be made fabulous! Come, come to Steh-FHAN and bare the canvas for his works! Steh-FHAN said strip!

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