Sybell Bell

AGE: 16

Character Sheet

Sybell Bell, Junior and Class Secretary of Epitome High, had more than enough on her plate to begin with, both from the teachers and the student body. She never asked for her family's latent mutations to kick in, constantly hoping that it would skip her generation. She was rather sorely disappointed as she woke up one cold spring morning to find her room her alarm going crazy, her room filled with blue arcs of electricity. The day she had dreaded had come.

Always being one to avoid and scorn the struggles of heroes and villains, she felt almost forced to choose, now that she had the power to intrude rather directly in that overt war. However, she decided to avoid that struggle, allying herself with neither. She would decide to avoid the big fights, and instead stop any from either side that causes trouble, feeling that heroes only escalate the villains' evil schemes.

The young adult carries herself well, her grace apparent throughout her slim form. Her hair, kept long, is held in place with a green bow, reaching down past her shoulderblades. She makes a point of wearing a school uniform, despite the school having no particular dress code. Whenever her skin comes into contact with itself or her hair, a small blue arc of lightning lingers behind. This has an effect of making her ponytail look like a small lightning rod facing the wrong direction. Her outfit when on the job is somewhat more practical, a full size shirt and skirt combo, complete with pants. She carries meager equipment, most of which is simply for communications, should she need it.

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