Name: Sydney Parren
Age: 18
Race: Human
Sex: Female

Description: A short, young looking girl with short cut black hair, tinged with purple and dark blue eyes. She wears a black t-shirt with Pink Floyd on the front of it and tight fitting jeans. Black combat foots are strapped to her feet. On her waist is a gun holster holding a Very, very large pistol. She wears aviator glasses which cover up a lot of her small face. Wrist bands cover her arms, like long sleeves. She's very curvy for her age.


Str: 14 Dex: 24 Con: 10 Int:2 Wis: 12 Cha: 22

Attack (Melee): +10, Attack (Ranged): +10
+3 Init

+15 Defense
+5 Toughness (With vest)


Fort: 0 Ref: 8 Will: 1

Acrobatics: 11
Bluff: 10
Climb: 2
Diplomacy: 10
Disguise: 6
DRive: +11
Escape Artist: +11
Gather Information: +6
Handle Animal +6
Intimidate: +6
Sleight of Hand: +11
Stealth: +11


Attractive (1)
Blind Fight
Evasion (1)
Improved Aim
Improved Init
Move By Action
Precise Shot
Quick Draw
Uncanny Dodge
Equipment 2


Device (Pistol) 4
Blast 10
Device (Armored Vest) 1
Protection 5
Leaping 3
Regeneration 15
Bruised (3)
Disabled (8)
Injured (4)


150 PP spent (36 On Abilities, 7 on skills, 11 on Feats, 45 on Powers, 50 on Combat, 1 on Saves)

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