The Sings

Pierce Sing is a skater boy who managed to get ahold of Nichole's cell phone once. He is of Korean decent, with multiple facial piercings (he's well aware of the punny name thank you), and a fondness for Tripp pants. He frequents the Skatepark and Thrift Store but can be found around other places of town. He has a wide variety of skills, including a wide array of knowledge concerning various sciences. He has been led to believe that Alexander Thorn's group of superheroes is a roleplaying group of people who play as superheroes by James.

Chase Sing is the father of Pierce and a detective for the police force. His son has been known to steal evidence from the station.

Grace Sing is Chase's wife, a homemaker who runs a small baking side business. Her pies are second to none.

Dan Sing is Pierce's older brother, the star ballerino in the Epitome Ballet Company, which performs in Epitome bi-annually.

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