Abilities 52+ Skills 7 (28 Ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 42 + Combat 8 + Saves 9 - Drawbacks 1= 132pp

Real Name Tonla Kal’ni-Ra
Occupation Ships Mechanic
Place of Birth Homeworld.
Group Affiliation
Education: Kal’ni institute of technical inovation
Known Aliases
Known Relatives: Many on home world.
Height 4’11”
Eyes Green
Hair Red

PL 8 ( 120 pp)
HP 0

Abilities: Str 10, Dex 18 (+4), Con 14 (+2), Int 30 (+10), Wis 20 (+5), Cha 20 (+5)
Feats: Jack of all Trades, Improvised tools. Inventor, Attack Specalization ( Phased cannons) 2, Attractive, Quick Change, Dodge Focus 4, Benefit (Wealth) 4,
Skills: Craft (Mechanical) (6+10=16), Craft (Electrical) (6+10=16), Pilot (2+4=6), Notice (8+5=13), Search (2+10=12), Profession (Mechanic) (4+5=9),
Device 8: Kal’ni Light Battlesuit (32pp) (hard to lose)
Blast (8) (16pp) (Phased energy cannons)
Flight (5) (10pp) (250MPH) (Counter Grav harness)
Shield (8) (8pt) (Point Barrier System)
Super Senses (5) (Dark Vision, Direction Sense, Radio, Danger Sence, Time Sense)

Device 2: Healing Amplifier (6 PP) (Easy to lose)
Healing (5) (10PP)

Dimentional Pocket (2) (4PP)

Combat: +4, Phased Cannons +8,
Defense 22 (10 flat-footed),
Init +4
Saves: Toughness +2, Fortitude 5 Reflex 7 Will +8
Trade-Offs: -4 Toughness +4 Defense
Drawback Weakness: (uncommon, Minor) 1PP, allergy to mercury

History: Tornla Kal’Ni-Ra was the ships mechanic of a Kal’ni cruiser that was severly damaged going though the asteroid field. they barely made it to earth before the life support system failed, Tornla was the only one that managed to get to a life pod.

RP Logs:
10/16 used
"Birthday PP" 6 (weekly PP gain)

Tonla's lifepod splash lands on Earth, drawing the attention of Athena. The tech savvy alien immediately dismantles the girls camera, just to see how it works. Then Althena narrowly avoids being implanted with some sort of alien tracking device and scanner. (.5PP)

While out completely fascinated by earth, Tonla comes upon a conflict between Yukon and Mk1. After helping fend off the nazi-inspired robot, the Alien tech girl rebuilds the damaged Yukon. (1pp)

Coming across a young girl that was crying in the street. Tonla goes to comfort her, when she's suddenly jumped by 3 strangely clad men. After fighting them off with the help of Alexander Crowly, Tonla attempts to adopt the girl only to have her whisked away by a magic ritual. The girl was then returned to her father. (2PP))

While attention a tech expo, Tonla got to participate in one of the demonstrations, on top of helping to foil the attempted theft and kidnapping of the company CEO, and some of her tech. ((3pp))

Now staying at the Brandock Mansion, Tonla and Samantha discuss: Kittens, Men, and bizarre concepts such as modesty. (.5pp)

Tonla saved Zerimiah and Althene from a magical abomination. Then promptly attempts to take the school girl home for an examination, only to have Zerimiah stab himself to draw her attention. (2.5 PP)

Zerimiah finally came to see Tonla after she moved into Dina's apartment. Things had been tense between the guardian and the alien girl, and finally Zerimiah asked for her to become a more permanent part of his life. Unable to accept his feelings or the responsibility of being a mother figure for Louise, Tonla turned him down. causing Zerimiah to mentally crack. Tonla didn't come out of it much better, as she seems to have forgotten all about him. (.5PP)

Healing device approved by Jujun 29may
2 PP on additional skills approved by N 29may
4PP spent on Benifit (wealth) approved by Archie 23jun

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