Trever Stevens

Name: Trever Stevens
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Weight: 185 pounds
Hair: Black (Short style)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Physics Teacher / Interpreter
Relationship Status: Single

Past: Tyrell Stevens is a distinguished scientist and international interpreter to affluent venture capital investors in the scientific community. His personal studies in Physics have earned him a Ph.D in Physical Sciences, Majoring in Physics, with a minor in Chemistry. His powers came about during a Danish lab demonstration concluded horrifically after the mixing of cesium and hydrogen. Several scientists died, along with Tyrell being in critical condition after inhaling a massive amount of the unknown substance known in the scientific community only as "Aether". Days after spending time in Epitome City Memorial Hospita, his hospital room began to exhibit strange anti-gravitational tendencies. Food carts stuck to the ceiling and TV monitors broken on the floor although being previously bolted into the wall. Tyrell didn't fashion himself to be a superhero of any sort, but with his new found powers sought control and refuge from what would become a media circus to the rest of the outside world. After training suitable replacements for his investors, he took up residence in the back-dropped Appalachian Mountains in a private mansion.

Tyrell Stevens is now a Physics Teacher and regularly conducts scientific seminars at the Community college. While not teaching, he relaxes in his personal mansion he dubbed, "Villa Aurora". This large gated mansion is secluded from the normal urban cityscape and gives a great view of the metropolis from his mountain sprawl. Outfitted with the latest in home furnishing technology, it includes 8 bedrooms (7 spacious guest rooms and one grand master bedroom), each with its own private bathroom, a fully modernized kitchen and island, private library, indoor swimming pool with conjoining jacuzzi, workout gym, state of the art security and defense systems, and a fully automated computer which monitors all electronic components.

Affiliations: Science Faculty of Epitome City High

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