Ultra Kroll, Commander of The Kroll Warship Far'sig and Exemplar of the Kroll Empire. The Kroll Empire is a galactic conquering race, traveling the galaxy in a widespread tract of war and displays of power that are in the superior nature of Krolls. Krolls are gifted with an advanced form of technology derived from their own DNA, Known As Kroll Biotechnology which allows Krolls to gain new powers based on personal experience and understanding. During an advance Scouting mission, Ultra Kroll's vessel came under attack by a small squadron of pirate aliens, seeking to steal Kroll technology. They escaped his vessel, crashlanding on earth where Much to Ultra Kroll's delight, he found a veritable treasure trove of powerful activity. Seeking to Regain his stolen Biotech and conquer the planet earth, Ultra Kroll landed on epitome city, the most fertile ground of super activity to begin his campaign of devastation…

Ultra Kroll's Abilites are trophies from past conquests, He is a proud, fierce and cunning warrior: They are listed on the page below.



Ultra Kroll is very fond of music as well, even going so far as to pick out his own Theme song.

Gained 1pp from saturday, may 6th
Gained 1pp from saturday may 13th

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