Name: Warlord
Identity: Ursa
Age: 36
Height: 7'
Weight: 300 lbs
Eye: Yellow
Hair: Green

Str- 20 +5
Dex- 20 +5
Con- 20 +5
Int- 10
Wis- 20 +5
Cha- 20 +5

Toughness: +5 (+8 in armor)
Fort: +5
Reflex: +5
Will: +5

Initiative: +5
Defense: 18
Melee: +8
Ranged: +0
Power Points: 4
Hero Points: 5

Acrobatics- 4 (9)
Climb- 4 (9)
Intimidate- 8 (13)
Tactics- 4 (9)
Notice- 4 (9)
Ride- 4 (9)
Sense Motive- 4 (9)
Stealth- 4 (9)
Survival- 4 (9)
Swim- 4 (9)

Accurate Attack: - damage, + attack
All-Out Attack: - defense, + attack
Attack Focus (Melee) 8
Defensive Attack: - attack, + defense
Dodge Focus 8
Equipment 5
Inspire 5: full round action + HP = +5 attacks, saves and checks for 5 allies
Leadership: standard action + HP = removes dazed, fascinated, fatigue, panic, shaken or stunned
Luck 4
Minions 8
Power Attack: - attack, + damage

Cost 3

Super Senses
Extended (hearing, sight)
Cost 6

Super Strength
+5 lifting strength
266 light, 533 medium, 800 heavy, 1600 maximum, 4000 drag
+1 grapples, breaking objects
Cost 3

1) Reinforced Club +3, Toughness 8, 15-20 critical, Bludgeoning, Large, 9 points
2) Chain Mail +3, 3 points

S- 16 +3 D- 10 C- 16 +3 I- 6 -2 W- 8 -1 Cha- 6 -2
Skills: Climb- 2 (5), Notice- 6 (5), Ride- 2, Swim- 2 (5)
Feats: Attack Focus (Melee) 4, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment
Equipment: Battle Axe, Leather Armor
Powers: Dark-vision, Scent
Drawbacks: Illiterate, Weakness to Sunlight (-1 attacks, checks and Defense)
Combat: Melee +4 (Damage DC 21), Defense 14
Saving Throws: Toughness +4, Fort +3, Reflex +0, Will -1

Toughness: 10
Size: Huge
Features: Concealed (Hidden Cave Entrance), Defense System (Guards), Gym (Proving Grounds),
Holding Cells (Toughness 15), Isolated(underground), Living Space (Grond Community)
Cost: 10 points

The Grond are a warlike species from a much less advanced world than Earth, even farther removed thanks to being of a separate dimension. On their homeworld of Pangaia they had survived for centuries as raiders and warriors, following their unquestioned warlords across trackless wastes and under deep mountains to plunder from the other cultures which called those areas home. Despite their brutal ways (or, perhaps, because of them) they were strong and hardy, and their hordes ravaged the countryside for generations.
Finally a great wizard decided that it was enough when her home town was burned to the ground and the populace sold to slavers. After gathering a group of heroes and braving many perils, the wizard managed to locate the resources she required and the place necessary from which to work her powerful magic. The Grond, having heard of the wizards' plans, amassed thousands of their finest warriors and met the heroes forces on the battlefield in a great and terrible conflict which lasted for many days.
In the end, the wizard was slain before the spell was completed… but one of the remaining heroes sacrificed their life to complete the sorcery and with a great upheaval of mystic force the surviving Grond all vanished from Pangaia. But not in the way the wizard had expected. With the blood magic tainting the spell, the evil that was the Grond was allowed to exist and simply forced elsewhere. With a great upheaval of mystical force they would find themselves in darkness.
For many years the Grond dug a home for themselves from out of the living rock where they had ended up, until their home was a sprawling complex of tunnels and vast open spaces where they lived and worked alone. They had even found a way up to the surface but none ever ventured forth, having grown reclusive and complacent with their lot. Until one of their number, a great warrior from a great lineage, rose up and overthrew the old Warlord, claiming the seat of power as her own. Since that time, Ursa has been re-forging the Grond into the warriors they once were and now the Horde is once more ready to storm forth and lay waste to any who oppose them.

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