PL 16
Total Psychic whore and Transform abuser

jewish survivor of world war 2, so she knows first hand the suffering man can inflict on itself and of the hardships of the world (The great flu outbreaks which almost killed as pmany people as the world wars!) As such she has dedicated her life to alieving mankind's suffering. At one point she crossed over into genetics from medicine, further augmentations as she worked in various government agencies with the rise of 'supers' she researched augmented and super subjects as she did. She has combined amortal research, genetics, augmentation, and even magic to totally manipulate human genetic material, to reverse aging, to change appearances, this is all not helped by the fact she is a mutant, her powers developing when her parents were given a accident path: Shes was one of hte worlds most powerful psychics as a thirteen year old girl. She has perfected a form of nanotechnology in these stages to link with her telepathic communication to control them but thus far has only been capable of performing it with tactile contact.
She can look however she wants to look, in truth though …shes nearly a century old

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